Craigslist Is Dangerous…

I am very weary of Craigslist, it just seems to be a cesspool, and way to many people are getting shot and hurt in connection to it. Granted this may not a case of Craigslist scum,

The body of the missing pregnant mother who was later turned out to be a Craigslist hooker has been found on a dirt bike track, and her husband and mother-in-law’s cars have been seized. Police believed the body had only been there for one day.

Jaymie Adams, 25, from Blanchard, Oklahoma, was reported missing on December 10, and is apparently pregnant with her fifth child. Now do they poor more or less for that privilege?

Investigation: The body of Jaymie Adams was found on Saturday on a dirt bike track and police believe it may have been there for a day 

Yesterday they impounded the cars of her husband Justin, who only revealed two weeks after she went missing that she went to meet two clients after initially saying she was meeting a friend. I mean can you blame they guy? Who wants to tell cops he was hoeing out his wife, or letting her bang people????

Oklahoma City police Captain Lisa Camacho, said police then impounded the cars of Adams’ husband, Justin Adams, and his mother, Tina Clark, and are simply looking for evidence in the vehicles.

Though she said they have not named any suspects at this time, Adams’ attorney said his client was told at the time of his arrest that he was a suspect.

She said: ‘At the time, my client was told he and his mother were suspects. When he attempted to get items out of the car they said no.

He told that this is what they said to him that you’re a suspect and you can’t touch the car or get anything out of the car.’


Husband: Justin Adams, 25, changed his story and told police he and his wife had advertised on Craigslist as 'swingers' 

When police initially interviewed Adams in the days after his wife disappeared, he failed to mention that he and his wife were ‘swingers’ or that she advertised on Craigslist as a ‘massage therapist’ but had actually been ‘meeting with strangers’ for sex…. This seems like a rather important fact.

He then revealed that his wife went to meet a ‘client’ at a motel in Norman the night she disappeared.

Adams was the last person to see his wife alive after she left their trailer park home, shocking, to meet a ‘friend’ at a McDonald’s.

He told police at the time she had called from the fast-food joint saying her ‘friend’ had not shown up – but that was the last he heard from her. He denied knowing who she was meeting.

The 25-year-old’s car was found in the McDonald’s parking lot and was seized for investigation.


Online: Police believe she may have been a Craigslist prostitute and was meeting a client the night she disappeared 

In the days after she went missing, Mr Adams made an emotional TV appeal, urging the public to help bring his wife home safely.

He said: ‘She deserves to be at home with her family, our children need their mother.

‘My wife is a loving a strong woman. She’s an amazing mom, and amazing wife, we have three sons and she’s 2-month pregnant this week., If she is so amazing why is he whoring her out?

‘I’m begging that if anyone has any information about my wife or her whereabouts, call OKCPD.’

What a terrible tragedy, no matter who killed this poor woman, this is why I also believe in legalization of prostitution, woman would be in a safer environment, not selling themselves on Craigslist, or meeting johns in a local McDonalds, however if the husband did it, he is scum and deserves the needle. How desperate must this woman have been to be turning tricks when she was pregnant, not only was she putting herself at risk, but also her un born child.

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